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Todays FREE Drill: Double Up Twice

In this Drill, the 2 defenders must try and prevent both forwards from scoring. The should focus on clear communication, and taking control of the attackers options.

Set up the Drill as in the animation, with 2 defenders in the middle and 2 attackers at either end. Both attackers start with the ball , and the 2 defenders go to 1 attacker( A1), and try to prevent the score, and turnover the ball.

The second attacker(A2) should solo the 45 metres for a 1v1 with the goal keeper. A2 should then collect a ball from the coach and turn to attack the opposite goal.

They should be then faced by 2 defenders, who should have stripped A1 of the ball. A1 runs and collects a ball from the coach, turn and solo the 45 meters for a 1v1 with the goal keeper.

Once the drill is finished, 4 more players should perform the same.

The transition from defending two different attackers will really test the communication skills of the defenders, and their ability to organise themselves quickly.

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