dead or die

This game works on 1 very important aspect in todays game – Cutting out turnovers or balls into the keepers hand when your team is in the attacking half. So in essence, the ball must go at least dead with each attack.

Split your group into 2 teams – 1 attacking the goal/ 1 defending.

Each group gets 3 minutes with the ball, and must get as many scores as possible.

The only rules are, that every time the ball is turned over by the defence or the ball drops short into the keepers hands, it is 3 points against. Points scored count as and goals scored count as 3.

The defence must stay disciplined and focused for the 3 minutes, which is very important.

If the ball is kicked dead ( Score or Wide), short, or turned over, the attacking team simply gets another ball from the midfield area, and starts another attack.

The game must be refereed very strictly, at match standards.

Once the 3 minutes is over, switch the roles of the teams around

Let your 2 teams discuss the game before hand, during the switch around, and at the end, where the should come up with both defensive and attacking solutions.


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