Kicking Comp Fitness

This is a fun way to get your players fit.

Set up the drill as in the animation, Pairing up your players, one on the 45 and one on the 21.

On the whistle, the player at the 45 kicks the ball to the player at the 21. If the pass is successful( you can define this….. ) the kicking player must run to the nearest cone and back, or if the pass is not successful they must run to the farthest cone and back

In the meantime the receiving player at the 21 should have returned the ball to the starting position.( they must be honest in this :) )

The kicking player kicks and runs 5 times in total.

The coach should count the time out loud until the very last player is finished.

Now switch the roles and see what player completes the Kicks and Runs the quickest.


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