This game focused on 3 things.

  • Moving non scorable free kicks within a set time.
  • First Touch – The ball must stick
  • Defenders Pushing up tight when the opposition have a free

Set up the game as in the animation, with the 45m and 14m lines as the sidelines.

One team starts with possession. And the player must try and pick out a team mate. The player receiving the ball must take it first time, without a fumble.

The player that receives the pass then has (2/3/4/5) seconds to play another pass, depending on how long the coach allows. If the player takes the pass cleanly , then the defender takes 3 steps back, and does not tackle.

The ball is turned over if:

  • The player takes longer than the time set by the coach to make the pass.
  • The player receiving the pass fumbles the ball
  • The defender gets a hand in to knock the ball away.

Set a target number of passes in a row that must be made to win the game


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